Saturday, October 9, 2010

Water Play

We love water play, the sensory and skill learning possibilities are endless. Today we added lots of different things to our water tub and the girls had a blast :-)


* animal toys
* face washers
* cups and teapot
* funnels
* sticks and rocks
* ladel/large spoons

We had fun washing animals.

And pouring cups of tea.

The girls especially loved the sticks and rocks - they felt the texture of each before putting them in the water, and then we looked at how different they looked and felt after going into the tub. Bubble was fascinated by the way the sticks floated while the rocks went straight to the bottom.

Squeak got right into stirring :-)

Scooping with the ladel and spoons was a hit as well.

Counting stones.

Stacking cups.

Water painting with a paintbrush and bucket. The cubby, floor and walls all got a make over.

1 comment:

  1. Looking for ways to stay cool this HOT July! We love water play and also paint with water. Easy and NO mess.

    going to tweet and pin your idea :)