Saturday, October 16, 2010

Personalised Canvas Bags

I found some canvas bags in Lincraft recently for only $1.50 each and picked up a few for the girls to use. Using our fabric crayons and a laundry marker we created some personalised bags that Im sure we will treasure for years to come.
On one bag Bubble drew a picture and I then wrote her little explanation of what it was around the edge. On the second bag we immortalised both Bubble and Squeak's handprints.
These would make wonderful presents for Christmas I think, especially for Grandparents (to any of our family members reading, just act surprised in December will you ;-D).


* plain canvas bags
* fabric crayons
* large board book
* large elastic/rubber bands
* laundry marker
* iron

Lay your bag on top of a large thick book and fold the sides underneath it to create a smooth canvas to draw on. Make sure you have the book centred to where you want the design to be on your bag. Secure the sides with rubber bands making sure you pull the fabric taut so that when your child draws on it it stays in place and doesn't move or bunch up.
If you are using fabric paint or textas you may want to lay some sheets of paper or newspaper between the bag and book, just in case.

Bubble creating her masterpiece :-)

For the second bag I traced Bubble's hands and then she drew little pictures inside them.

I added Squeak's hands once she woke up from her nap. How did I get a one year old to hold her hands flat while I traced around them? I cheated :-D Use paint and blank paper to take a handprint, then cut it out and use it as a template to trace around.
Down the left hand side of the bag I wrote their names.

Bubble's picture bag. I used a laundry marker to write her 'story' around the edge in her own words. Sorry I can't show a photo of the whole bag as I helped her write her name down the left hand side.

Once you are happy with your design iron the bag as per instructions on your fabric crayon pack and wash. If you make a mistake just wash the bag clean and start again. The design is only permanent once the fabric is ironed.