Monday, October 18, 2010

Triangles and Pyramids

We did a few volcano related activities today, and subsequently learnt about triangles and pyramids as well.


* paper
* pencil
* ruler
* scissors
* cardboard (we used a opened up cereal box)
* sticky tape
* textas/colour pencils

Draw a triangle on your piece of paper making sure each side is the same length. I made our triangle 5cm on each side and ensured they were even using the following method:
Draw a line for the base of your triangle to the length you want.
Use a ruler to measure and mark the central point on your line. Draw a line straight up from this central point (make this line longer than your chosen dimensions).
Using the ruler again draw your side lines using the central line as a guide. Make sure the end of your ruler is fixed at the end of the base line and then adjust the other end of the ruler along the central line until it sits on your chosen measurement.
You'll now have a perfect triangle with equal sides.

Use your triangle template to make the outline pictured above on your card. To draw the square just make sure each side is the same length as those on the triangles.

Cut your shape out.

Use your ruler to bend along each fold line.

Once all of the lines are folded over it should easily form a pyramid. Draw on your details with texta and pencils before taping up. I made three of these and hid Bubble's afternoon tea inside them (blueberries, rice wheels and a babybel cheese) before we went to the park - she loved discovering what was inside her "canos" :-)

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