Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slot Together - House and Trees

When I was younger I had a set of blocks that all slid together that you could use to build all sorts of things. Bubble and I had a go at replicating the effect with cardboard during quiet time yesterday - not quite as sturdy but it still worked quite well!
I've tried to explain the process as well as I can, please let me know if the instructions aren't clear enough though!
If you liked this activity check out these Autumn trees over at Mumma To Three Blessings, dont they look fabulous!


* cardboard (we used the side of a cereal box)
* toilet rolls
* scissors
* textas/pencils
* ruler

To build our slide together house I first cut 7 squares of card of equal size. My squares were 8cm x 8cm.

Then cut slits down the sides going a little bit further than halfway. Don't cut too close to the edge or your structure wont be very sturdy as the sides will tear easily.

The pieces will then slot together and you can build your house.

We built the two side walls and back first, then added the ceiling and floor pieces. The two remaining squares we used to create a roof.

You can see here how all of the pieces are slotted together.

Our cute little slot together house :-)

We decided to make some trees to go with our house, these were much easier and less fiddly to make so Bubble was able to do most of it herself.
First I drew some tree top outlines.

Then Bubble coloured them in and I cut them out.

We cut two slits on opposite sides of some toilet rolls.

Bubble was able to slot the tree tops into their trunks.

Three slot together trees.

We had hours of fun with these, I even managed to get dinner cooked while Bubble was entertained - bonus :-D

I love seeing kids creativity when left to their own devices - these wooden dolls had 'climbed the trees' apparently, and needed to be rescued by a fire truck.


  1. so cool! You come up with great ideas!

  2. Caz...you just keep posting such wonderful ideas!! You get me all inspired!!