Monday, October 4, 2010

Puzzle Mix Up

This is a great way to make puzzles that have become a bit boring or easy to do more fun to play with again, and also one of my favourite ways to get ten minutes to load the dishwasher in peace.


* various puzzle boards
* big bowl or box

Take all of your puzzle pieces and mix them up in a big bowl or box.

Arrange the boards so your child has access to all of them.

For older children use a timer and see how fast they can complete all of the puzzle boards.


  1. great idea problem is my kids always lose the puzzle pieces

  2. Dont you hate that! Ive spent days hunting down rogue puzzle pieces before, it's amazing where they can end up! :-D
    If you end up with puzzles with missing bits you can stick magnets on the backs of the ones you have left and make them into fridge magnets instead, saves throwing out the whole lot :-)