Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sticky Window Art

The other night I saw these two great activities while Blog hopping (Time For Play and Mom Tried It) and my brain kind of mashed them both together and we ended up with this sticky window activity (sorry to put 'mashed' and 'brain' in the same sentence but it's an accurate description, trust me).
I was pretty sure Bubble would be into it but I didnt anticipate how much. She was still playing with it for almost an hour after I'd lost interest and wandered away, and made me promise about a thousand times (I wish I was exaggerating!) before she went to bed that I wouldn't take it down. I think I'll leave it up until the sticky is gone because there are countless possibilities with this activity.


* clear contact
* scissors
* sticky tape
* a window
* anything you like to decorate with
(we used coloured matchsticks, bottle tops and pattypans)

Cut a large square of clear contact and tape it to your window with the sticky side out.

I put tape in each corner and halfway along each side so it wouldn't move or bunch up when we pulled things off.

Your matchsticks (or whatever you have chosen to work with) will stick to the adhesive and allow you to build pictures. We were able to reposition even the delicate patty pans without tearing them.

We started with a house and sang the Play School song "There's A House With A Wall" while we made each part.

An aeroplane.

Bubble sticking on a pattypan sun.

Next we made a tree and a little bottle lid man.

Bubble decided he was playing soccer and added another lid as his ball.

Fear not, our little matchstick man doesn't have two heads. He is a (soccer playing) cowboy apparently and the second bottletop is his hat :-D.

A windmill.

Bubble announced "it's raining now!" and stuck on lots of little matchstick raindrops. She also discovered she could draw on the contact by etching it with the end of her matchsticks (clever cookie) and drew lots of flowers, a moon, a rocket and a river (they don't show up in the photos very well unfortunately).

When Mr Bubble&Squeak bought the newspaper today we recieved a free suction Woody toy inside which Bubble incorporated into her play scene.

Building Woody a boat (to go on the river she had etched into the contact).

Bubble played with this activity for AGES, we might need a permanent sticky window display.

Woody hanging out at his new pad (looks a bit overwhelmed, doesn't he).

We Play

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  1. How fun! We will definitely have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fantastic and very creative activity. I love the idea, and will be trying it for sure!

  3. Awesome idea! We will have to try this, as my boys will love doing this. Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing. When we do this activity, I will link back to you:)

  4. Thanks Colleen, hope you have fun! :-)

  5. That's a fantastic idea - I've never seen that one before...I'll have to give it a go the next time it's a rainy day! xxx

  6. I've seen this done before with mostly paper etc to make art but I LOVE the idea of using coloured match sticks. That makes it into a kind of construction/art project and I think my small boy would adore that. We don't have a window to do it on but I think we'll have a go on the table anyway! thanks for the fab idea!

  7. I've never thought of doing this before - thanks for sharing it :)

  8. Fantastic idea ... we will have to try this for sure :)

  9. I love this idea. It will be perfect to do when the weather gets colder and we can't go out and play.

    Please stop by and see what we were up to this week.

  10. What a great idea, it's amazing what mashed brains can come up with ;)

  11. What a clever is always learning :)

  12. ohhh.....I love it! We will be doing this soon. My kiddos just love sticky paper. Thanks for sharing!

  13. love this idea! we don't have a low enough window, sober might try it on a mirror...

    thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Wow this is the best idea ever!!! Thank you.

  15. Hello! I've written a round up of bottle top play and learning ideas and have included this awesome post. I hope that you don't mind me using one picture and your link. If you'd like me to take it out of the post just give me a shout :) The post will be live on Monday 11 February. Keep up the fabulous work :)

    I've also included your Bottle Lid Stamps post x

  16. Thanks Kylie, I'm delighted to be included! :)

  17. I think I could spend an afternoon enjoying this, nevermind the kids! I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon!

    1. I quite enjoy it too Cassi! Thank you for your lovely comment, look forward to reading your post, I always love the activities you share x

  18. That's a great idea, you can use alot of stuff like yarn and paper shapes