Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toadstool & Fairy Peg Matching Mat

Awhile ago we got some cute little fairy pegs from our favourite toy store (The Toy Bug) and I've been wanting to do 'something' with them ever since but wasn't quite sure what. Bubble and I were doing some fine motor activities clipping them around the outside of an empty icecream container yesterday when she said to me;
"Mum, my fairies have no houses. Poor fairies, they can't sleep!".
So last night I finally did 'something' and made a little fairy house matching mat to go with the fairy pegs.
The idea is very simple, the bottom of the toadstools are sewn flat to the mat and the caps are attached only at the top allowing them to be lifted and the pegs clipped on. Each different coloured fairy house matches a fairy peg so this mat is a colour sorting game as well as a way to practice fine motor skills and imaginary play.
Bubble was rapt with it when she saw it this morning and has been carrying it everywhere, matching the peg and house colours and making up elaborate stories where the fairies all visit each others toadstool houses for 'sparkly tea'. Im sure we'll find plenty of other uses for this mat in future games, but for now I'm very happy that our peg fairies finally have somewhere to sleep :-)

Sorry the photos are so dark and don't show the colours very well, you get the idea though!

The various coloured fairy houses waiting for their fairies to find them.
The mat is double sided for durability (and to hide all of my messy threads!).

Little toadstool fairy houses.

The stalks are sewn flat while the caps are only sewn at the top so that they can be lifted.

Our very cute fairy pegs. There are 6 altogether, all different colours.

The fairy pegs simply clip onto the toadstool caps so it looks as though they are sitting inside their houses.