Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'F' is for Flower

We are up to the letter 'F' on our sound wall and our first project just had to be a flower of course :-) We learnt the different names for the parts of the flower as we put it together.


* toilet roll
* paint
* sticky tape
* green paper
* egg carton
* tissue paper
* scissors
* fragrant oil (optional)

Paint the toilet roll green and cut two leaf shapes from the green paper.
Cut the egg carton as shown above, with four cup sections.

Paint your egg carton section whatever colour you want your flower to be. Bubble chose pink because "that's a flower colour" :-)

Paint your tissue paper yellow. Alternatively you could just use yellow tissue or crepe paper, but painting it ourselves was a bit more fun! Make sure you put down lots of newspaper though, it ended up quite messy as the paper tore in a lot of places.

Help your child attach the leaves to their flower 'stalk' using tape by folding over the bottom of each leaf first.

Scrunch up your yellow paper and push it into the middle of your egg carton section to create the centre of your flower, then tape it to the toilet roll 'stalk'.
We put orange oil on the tissue paper before scrunching it up, just to make our flower smell nice.

I drew Bubble a diagram to follow while we put our flower together and practiced the different names for the flower parts.

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