Friday, November 26, 2010

No More Drips

With the warmer weather arriving there is one thing I've made sure to pack into our day bag when we go out for the day; Bubble's icypole drip catcher. She is very particular about messy things and when the inevitable happens and her icypole or icecream starts to drip we end up with waterworks. So that we don't have to bypass 'icycolds' (as she calls them) all together I made a simple cup that slides onto the bottom of her icypole stick to stop any wayward drips touching her hands.


* plastic cup
* scissors
* knife or craft knife
* teatowel or similar

Using a knife pierce the plastic cup about three quarters of the way down. Using this slit as a starting point cut all the way around using scissors. You can make your drip catcher as deep as you like by trimming more or less of the sides, but since my girls only eat Paddlepops and they don't have much room at the bottom of the stick I have made ours quite shallow.

Place the cup bottom on top of a tea towel that has been folded several times (so that the knife tip doesn't damage your work surface) and then pierce the base right in the centre for the icypole stick to go through.

If you have an icypole stick on hand it's a good idea to work it through the holder as it can be hard to use the first few times until the plastic becomes 'worn in'.

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