Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learning About Trees

After we made our flower we moved onto learning about trees. Bubble was fascinated by the roots so we Googled some pictures that showed how they were underground, and discussed the way trees use them to get water and nutrients.


* toilet roll
* scissors
* glue
* sturdy cardboard (the thicker the better)
* cotton balls
* green food colouring diluted with water
* paintbrush
* tape (we used masking tape)
* twine or brown wool

Lay the toilet roll onto the cardboard and using the top as a guide draw your branches. You want a flap as wide as the top of the roll at the bottom of the branches.

Cut a slit in each side of the toilet roll so the cardboard branches can slot into the top.

Glue cotton balls to each branch - as many as you like!

Using a paintbrush (or cotton bud) paint the cotton balls with the green diluted food colouring.

Lay a strip of tape along your work surface sticky side up, and attach short lengths of twine all the way along. The tape can then be stuck around the inside edge of the bottom of the tree trunk.


  1. Cool Tree!

    Also I Just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog today. :)

  2. Thankyou so much Philippa! I am a bit new to 'active' Blogging so will have to work out how to do the awards thing, it looks like great fun. I love your Blog and am so glad you are dropping in!

  3. I really love this post. I'm going to try this with my boys soon!

  4. I did this with my preschool class today. It was my FAVORITE craft ever!! They were able to do much of it and the parts they couldn't do were quick and easy for me. I had them crumple up green tissue paper pieces instead of doing the cotton balls. They looked REALLY impressive. As a side note, they did call them octupus trees : ) and my girl ended up tearing off her upper part in favor of just the octopus. Thanks for the great idea!