Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rudolph Noses - Pre School Gift Idea

I've been thinking for awhile now about what Bubble can give as a small gift with her Christmas cards at Pre School this week. After seeing how much my girls loved our 'Moon Balloons' activity I thought the children in her Pre School class might enjoy them as well, so I made these 'Make Your Own Rudolph Nose' kits. They are very simple to make and hopefully lots of fun for the receivers :-)
I'll be giving them to Bubble's teacher to hand out to parents rather than the kids though, just in case there are any glow stick mishaps!

Each kit contains : one helium quality red balloon, two glowsticks, one instruction card.

These are the instruction cards I made in case anyone would like to put together some kits themselves. Each card is the size of half a standard 6x4 photo.

“Come over to play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”

We Play

Festive Friday


  1. This is such a cute idea Caz! This would be such a cute little gift for our boys friends.

  2. We have 2 big packs of glow sticks in the bedroom (my daughter uses them as a night light) and whilst we are out of balloons they are being demanded.

    I think I will be at the shops today, and we miht do these tonight :) (After we finish watching the Rudolph movie we started last night!)

  3. Such a creative and cute idea! Thanks for sharing, this activity is now on our list of things to do!

  4. Thanks everyone, hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine did! x

  5. Thanks I'll be using this idea :)

  6. Hi Holly, we used the thin cheap type glow sticks that you buy in big packs and I found we needed two of them to make the balloon glow bright enough. If you were using the fatter style glow sticks you'd probably only need one.

  7. What size bags did you use and where can you purchase them? I'm having trouble finding clear/white glow sticks....any tips?

  8. Hi, you can use any colour glowstick, I just happened to have two clear ones in the photo. I usually buy the bulk packs and use those. The clear bags are sold in most dollar shops in the kitchen or craft section in different sizes. Hope that helps :)

  9. Hi,
    I adooooooooore this!!!
    How do I print it? When I clicked on the photo and printed, it printed the website page. (Well, now it's out there - my computer illiteracy for all the world to see! =)
    Thanks for sharing!! I posted on pinterest!

  10. Hi Mama2two, I'm barely computer literate myself so I apologise if this doesn't work, but try opening the image by right clicking to open a separate screen and then printing. Otherwise you could right click and save to your computer. If neither of these work drop me an email and I'll happily email you the jpeg :)

  11. Thank you!! That worked!
    It only printed two so I'm using the same paper, flipping it and printing two more on the second 1/2 of the paper.
    I also love your plastic bags! Where did you get them? I'm using boring sandwich bags I had in the kitchen but they have that colored seal. I like yours so much more!
    Making them 43 of them today for both kids classes! =)
    Thank you so much!