Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making A Santa Beard

Our day 18 activity on our Christmas Count Down was making a Santa beard, it was very easy to do and the results were extremely cute :-) Bubble was a bit put off by the feel of the cotton balls to start with, but warmed up quickly, especially when she saw that there was glue to squish!


* sheet of white felt
* craft glue
* scissors
* cotton balls
* white wool/string/ribbon/thin elastic
* paint brush
* air erasable pen

First I drew a beard shape on the sheet of felt using an air erasable pen, then cut it out.

Then I put a slit in each top corner by folding over a small section of felt and snipping it with the scissors. Be careful not to make the slit very big.

I then threaded a doubled over length of wool through each slit and tied them in a loop. The idea is that the loops slip over your child's ears to hold the beard on while they are wearing it. You could also use thin elastic or ribbon etc... I thought wool would be the most comfortable though.

Bubble then got (very!) busy with some glue and cotton balls.

She did a wonderful job covering every available space :-D

We then hung the finished project from some cupboard handles and it dried in a bowed shape perfect for wearing. You could also use a large drinking glass or a jar (with the beard laid over the top) for the same effect.

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