Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowball Pompoms

Well, I have learnt two new things this week; 1) making pompoms takes patience, and 2) I have very little patience :-D
I have never made pompoms before and found the whole process terribly tedious, it must be a genetic condition because Squeak wasn't even interested in watching and Bubble wound the wool around our template a whole three times before scampering off to the greener pastures of the cubbyhouse!
However, I'm very glad that I persisted in making a small stack of them, because both girls had a lot of fun with their 'snowballs' once they were done. They stacked them, posted them into bottles, rolled them back and forth to each other, threw them into an empty toy tub and rolled them down make shift ramps. I ended up hanging a few of them in the kitchen and they do look very cute!
I think Bubble was a bit too young for the actual making of these, but they were well worth the effort for play value :-)

I used this tutorial to make our pompoms : Make Your own Pom Poms


* cardboard
* scissors
* wool


  1. Good for you, hanging in there and finishing them! I don't have much patience either, so perhaps I should avoid this craft! :)

  2. Oh, I have made hundreds of pom poms but I never get them "right".. they are alwyas either too thin or too thick :D

    Your white ones are beautiful!

  3. Well your patience paid off, they look great hanging there. Also love your 10 Scents of CHristmas cards too.

  4. Georgia - oh my, I really struggled! It was one of those things you start and then think "why did I start this" :-D I have a new admiration for pompom makers!

    Mermaid - hundreds - you're awesome! I was struggling to make six, and the ones I hung up were the least wonky of them as they all ended up a little lop sided. They needed some pretty heavy trimming to look like balls let me tell you :-D

    Thankyou Kylie!

  5. Your a better woman than I am....I never finished the one I started months ago...LOL...they look great!

  6. Great job hanging in there and finishing up the snowballs! I've linked up to this post, your yogurt bottle snowmen and the shaving cream play post.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  7. We made pompoms before and I have to say yours turned out a lot nicere then ours... ours were less fluffy and hairy :)