Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Playdough

For Day 4 of our Count Down we made some Christmas playdough today. Bubble helped me cook a big batch of white dough then we divided it into three balls. One we left white but added some silver glitter and scented it with vanilla oil (I was going to add shredded coconut for a sensory element but we were all out of it!), the second we coloured green and scented with peppermint and the third we coloured red. We then pushed some whole cloves into the red dough ball and left it covered for a few hours to get the wonderful scent through it before removing them.
The girls had a heap of fun playing with them today, although Squeak was not impressed with the smell of the green peppermint playdough at all :-D Luckily the glittery white dough was interesting enough to keep her involved for a little while!


  1. I like how you made three different scents instead of just one. It looks like it'd be fun to play with. I love all the ideas people have for homemade play-dough. Thanks for your comment on my arctic fishing post by the way.

  2. Thanks Darcey, they smell even better today after being closed up in their containers overnight, especially the peppermint. I loved the arctic fishing post, so fun to just have the surface layer of ice to break through!

  3. This was one of my favorite ideas posted this week and I've linked up to it here: