Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Count Down Activity List

So we're into day 2 of our Count Down Calendar and it's already the first thing Bubble asks about when she wakes up in the morning :-D Day 1's activity of decorating the trees was a blast, especially now that the girls are older and really 'into' Christmas, and our Day 2 activity today I hope will be just as fun (I will post photos when it is finished).

Our daily Count Down Calendar activities leading up to Christmas:

1) Decorate Christmas trees.
2) Make some Christmas bunting.
3) Write a letter to Santa.
4) Make some Christmas playdough.
5) Make paper chains.
6) Paint cards for Bubble's preschool teachers.
7) Make presents for Bubble's preschool teachers.
8) Paint a special cookie plate for Santa to be put out Christmas Eve.
9) Paint cardboard decorations for table.
10) Make Christmas coloured pompoms.
11) Make White Christmas to gift to our building staff.
12) Shaving foam 'snow' play.
13) Make a snowflake picture.
14) Make some Christmas crackers.
15) Buy a Christmas book each.
16) Have a photo taken with Santa.
17) Visit the local Christmas light displays.
18) Make a Santa beard.
19) Visit and donate to the Wishing Tree appeal.
20) Make chocolate rumballs.
21) Make reindeer food.
22) Bake Christmas cookies.
23) Make a Christmas necklace.
24) Hang our Christmas stockings and open Christmas Eve presents - new pyjamas and a book.

Some photos from Day 1 of our Count Down Calendar:

The family tree in the loungeroom (squished in between a lounge and a desk! :-D).

I love this origami star and hang it somewhere different every year. This year we have suspended it above the tree.

The girls love these bell decorations - they don't spend a lot of time actually on the tree unfortunately, too much fun to roll along the ground instead!

Decorating the Little Tree:
As well as our family tree we got the girls a tree of their own. They had fun choosing their own decorations at the shops, then during quiet time I hid them around Bubble's bedroom to create a treasure hunt. The girls hunted down the baubles and had a great time hanging them on their 'special tree' (then pulling them off and hanging them again, and again, and again :-D).

I hid the baubles the girls chose around Bubble's bedroom during quiet time. Bubble chose the bell decorations and Squeak chose the little coloured balls :-)

Decoration hunting time.

Decorating the little tree.

Good job girls! :-)

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  1. Great list! I can't wait to see photos of some of the things coming up. I love the little tree too. It's so cute~!

  2. Thanks Darcey :-) I couldn't resist a hot pink tree!

  3. Caz you are awesome! What a fantastic list of things to do. We have an activities advent calendar this year too, but some days are as simple (slack!) as "go for a walk after dinner." I'll be looking out for all your posts leading up to Christmas!

    Love the treasure hunt - big fun!

  4. Aww Sarah you're too kind! I think maybe I just spend too much time playing when I should be doing other things hehe :-D I love the idea of a family walk after dinner, that's one of the things I wish we would get into the habit of doing every week but never do. Hope you are having a wonderful festive season so far x

  5. Love your little pink tree and ornament hunt idea! :)

    Caz, thank you for entering link to this post in our Magic Christmas for Toddlers linky. You're always welcome to add more :) I'm sharing them with our followers on Twitter and FB as countdown ideas! :)

  6. My pleasure Michelle, Id be glad to link up again :-) I love the idea of the different categories for Christmas crafts and activities that you have on your site. Will be back to add more link later tonight or tomorrow - have two sick little girls still awake at the moment, might be a long night! :-)