Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plate For Santa

Day 8 of our Count Down today - time to make a special plate for Santa's treats on Christmas Eve. I took the girls to our local Salvation Army op shop and Bubble took her time choosing a white plate that she liked, then we brought it home to decorate. We were going to use ceramic paint but the only ones I could find last week were hideously expensive, so we used permanent markers instead. I'm going to go over the top of it tonight with a clear resin to seal it all in and protect the design, hopefully we can build a little collection of Santa plates over the coming years :-)


* white plate (we got ours from an op shop)
* permanent markers
* clear resin

The plate Bubble chose was lovely and heavy and cost a whole 0.50c

Bubble drawing her Christmas pictures for Santa.

The orange drawing was Squeak's addition - isn't it cute :-) I'm impressed with her straight lines!

The green drawing is a Christmas tree, the round orange circle is a present and the red drawing is Santa - great job girls!


  1. Oh this could become a wonderful tradition and you could end up with an entire Christmas Dinner Set!!

  2. Caz, I'm definitely pinching this idea. Absolutely gorgeous, and so much fun.

  3. What a fun idea! I love it and will be trying it for sure.

  4. This is so cool~! I love this idea.. I think it would be great to do for all holidays.. Or how about birthday's...ta ta for now..from Iowa

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!
    In a few years time you will have a lovely collection of plates. And it`s nice to see how children`s drawing skills have developed over the years.

    Well done girls! Very pretty drawing :)

  6. Kylie - I hope so too, I was imagining a whole table full of them and we've only made one! :-D I think they'd be lovely to pass down to our children when they move out, or Grandchildren in many (many!) years time.

    Thanks sarah and Jane, have fun - would love to see the results of your little ones creations!

    Tiggeriffic - making one for birthdays is a great idea, might be a good 'party activity'.

    Mermaid - I agree, their drawing skills change so quickly so having a yearly representation will be very interesting!