Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feeding The Animals - Block Play

Today Bubble and I played with the girls wooden farm while Squeak had her day nap. We used building blocks to make fences and water troughs, and felt to make some food for the animals to eat. It was a great way to reinforce Bubble's knowledge about the foods animals eat and just a nice fun way to spend an hour :-)

We had pond weed for the ducks and scraps for the pigs and the chickens (we used the bits from the felt pizza toppings we made awhile ago for these).

We cut up yellow felt to make hay for the sheep, horses, cows and goat. I cut long strips and Bubble snipped them into little pieces.

And some meat for the dog - for this I cut shapes from red felt and added a bit of detail with a white correction pen (or liquid paper pen as some people might call them).

We made paddocks for all of our animals and added a blue block to each as their water.

All the animals waiting to be fed. Bubble ditched our tiny little toy tractor in favour of the bigger toy ambulance, so she could fit some Toy Story 3 characters in the back for a farm tour :-D
Sorry for the dark photo, despite being December when it should be nice and hot outside our sun seems to be in hiding.

Feeding the ducks their pondweed.

The dog liked his steaks but was full after eating only one apparently :-D

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  1. That is a very fun and cute craft idea :) Will have to remember it for when we have little friends over.