Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Felt pizzas

I saw this felt pizza tutorial on the net awhile ago and just loved it. I bookmarked it intending to go back and have a go at making one myself but never seemed to get enough time. I decided to make a much more simple version and it ended up taking only about 15 minutes to cut all the peices ready for assembly. Bubble was ecstatic when she found it on the craft table the next morning and has been playing with it over and over. Best spent 15 minutes of the week :-D

Some toppings for the pizza - mushrooms, onion, pineapple, red and green capsicum and some tomato/pepperoni.

The pizza base, red tomato sauce and cheese. These were made using three nesting mixing bowls traced straight onto the different coloured felts, so they all stack together with just the edges showing each layer.

Bubble assembling her pizza.


Getting creative :-)

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