Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Apple tree

Trying to find decently priced trees to go with playsets was proving a mission so I decided to give making some from felt a go. I drew a tree on paper, then cut two of them from felt, one for the front and back. I sewed on the apples (just little heart shapes of red felt) and then sewed the top together. For the trunk part I cut two triangles of felt to run down the sides, so once it was all sewn up it had a box like shape which could give it the stability to stand up. I filled the top and half the trunk with stuffing and the bottom half of the trunk I filled with aquarium gravel so it was weighed down.

Hint: Wash the gravel really well and then bake in the oven spread on a tray in order to really dry it out well before adding to the tree trunk. Use a funnel to make filling the tree with stones easier.


  1. My god, you are one organised clever Mummy. I stumbled across your blog and am totally in LOVE!

    Thank you for all the ideas!

    Love Kylie

  2. Thankyou so much Kylie, Ive had 'one of those days' today, so your comment really cheered me up. Hope you found some fun ideas to enjoy! x

  3. Oh, I LOVE this tree!
    It`s just so cute :)

  4. Love this, and just what I've been searching for! I'm making a fairy playset for my toddlers birthday, and could not find nice freestanding trees anywhere, now I don't need to look any more! The apples are a fab touch too, and will cause some excitement I think, they are currently very much in favour with my little one! Thanks for sharing your idea!