Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sparkle Bottles.

I have seen this done quite a few times and have been wanting to make one with Bubble for two reasons; I thought she would probably enjoy creating it and I knew Squeak would love playing with the end result!

* empty clear plastic bottle with lid (soft drink bottle, water bottle etc...)
* water
* shiny objects to put inside your bottle (glitter, sequins, beads etc...)
* strong tape or super glue
* plastic funnel small enough to fit your bottle

Remove any labels from your bottle so you will be able to see all the sparkly things floating inside once it's done. Make putting your objects into the bottle fun by using tongs, tweezers, chopsticks - anything you can think of :-) Use the funnel for glitter and any other fiddly bits that might be hard for your child to get into the bottle on their own. Once it is filled with sparkly things and water secure the lid with either strong glue or tape (or both!).
Other ideas: you could try colouring the water with food colouring, or making bottles with different themes, like 'the beach' using sand and small shells, or even seaweed. Add a small amount of oil on top of the water and show your child what happens when you shake it. You could also make different colour themed bottles or use them to play bowling games. My girls also enjoyed playing with it in the bath!

This metallic ribbon is from a set of pompoms that are in our dress up box. They fall out all over the house so Im glad to find a use for all the stray strands!

Beads look and sound nice rolling around inside the bottle.

In go the beads.

And the glitter!

Bubble rolled her bottle back and forth watching the swirling sparkly colours :-)

We decided to add some foam shapes to our bottle to make it even more interesting.

Squeak was quite taken with it too! :-)

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