Sunday, July 11, 2010

Toys from the recycling box

Toys don't have to be expensive, or even cost anything at all. My girls favourite thing to play with at the moment is an empty tissue box and a collection of clean lids from the recycling box. Squeak sits for ages emptying the lids from the box and slotting them back in one by one, peering in after each one is dropped to see where it went. She also likes to shake the box and hear the rattle of the lids inside. Bubble plays all sorts of games with them, the favourite being that the lids are coins and the tissue box is her bank or purse. We have been playing a game where I make a little shop with some random objects from around the house and each one has a price tag (2 coins, 6 coins etc..) and Bubble loves counting out her coins to 'buy' things. I just need to save another tissue box now so they will stop fighting over this one :-)

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