Sunday, July 18, 2010

Telling Time

Bubble has recently become interested in telling the time, so I wanted to do an activity with her that was both simple and hands on. She really enjoyed using this paper plate clock face and it was amazing how quickly she picked up how it all worked.


* paper plate
* marker or texta
* coloured cardboard (we used old Christmas cards)
* Blu-tac
* paper
* scissors
* glue

I wrote numbers around the outside of the plate to make the clock face, and then cut a big hand and a short hand from coloured cardboard. The big hand was glued to the plate in the o'clock position and the short hand was affixed using blu-tac so it was easily moveable. I cut small squares of paper and wrote times on them, then laid them face down on the table. One by one we turned them over so that Bubble could match the time on the paper with the clock face by adjusting the hands.

Bubble's 6 o'clock.

Adjusting the hands to 12 o'clock.

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