Monday, July 12, 2010

Magazine collages

Every month Bubble heads to the newsagent with her Dad and buys the latest issue of The Wiggles magazine. We read it together and make the craft activities inside, and then we go through and cut out all the pictures we can find to use later in collages.

* pictures cut from magazines or catalogues.
* child safe glue (like Clag or a homemade paste of flour and water)
* paper or card

Other ideas: find pictures that suit a category, like animals, clothes or food, and play sorting and sticking games. Discuss the names/sounds/colours etc... as you go. Try colouring glue in a small bowl with food colouring to make the activity even more fun and interactive. For older children you can make small labels to go with the collage pictures that your child can read and then match to the right one.

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