Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yoghurt Bottle Snowmen

We made these yesterday afternoon using hourglass shaped yoghurt drink bottles, but any rounded container would work. These will be part of our table setting for Christmas lunch :-)


* empty yoghurt drink bottles
* air drying clay
* black paint
* small soft drink or water bottle lids (one for every bottle you are making)
* permanent markers (red, black and orange)
* felt (we used red)
* scissors
* strong glue
* googly eyes
* treats for inside your snowman
(we used Darrel Lea white jellybeans)

After washing and drying our bottles we stripped off the labels ready for decorating.

To make our snowmans hat I glued a smaller water bottle lid to the top of the larger yoghurt bottle lid.

I painted mine black using acrylic paint.

Bubble coloured hers using permanent marker since she had a black water bottle lid and only needed to colour the yoghurt bottle one (please note your child may get stained hands using this technique, so painting might be preferable).

We chose a shiny sequin for the lid of our snowmen, I put dabs of glue on each hat and Bubble stuck them on top.

I made our snowmen noses from air drying clay the night before and we just glued them on. You could also use mini pompoms, paper, playdough, plastacine, beads - anything you like really.

Next we glued on our googly eyes and cut simple felt scarves for our snowmen. The scarves are just strips of felt with lots of little cuts at either end.

Bubble was so proud of her snowman :-)

We filled each one with white jellybeans ready for Christmas day.


  1. Those are so cute! I love the idea.

  2. Very cute! Love the hats idea (usind two bottle lids).

  3. So adorable, great recycling idea.

  4. May we use this as a project for 4-H sponsor's Christmas tree? We are a Master Gardner group and do a Christmas tree each year, both one for us, and another for the 4-H....

    1. Of course, I hope it is a hit :) Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  5. I save Folgers instant coffee containers. Thrilled to have this idea to use.