Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

For day 13 of our Count Down Calendar we made a snowflake display across Bubble's bedroom window. I had a small notepad of white paper squares which we used instead of cutting larger sheets and we pretty much just made up the designs as we went along. I've seen some amazing cutting patterns on the net but they all looked a bit fiddly and difficult for a three year old, so we just folded our paper and experimented with cutting different bits from them. I showed Bubble how rounding or spiking the edges made different shapes when we opened them up, and we had a go with a mini hole punch for something different.


* white paper squares
* scissors

We started with a square of paper from our notepad (you can also cut a larger sheet to size).

Fold diagonally to form a triangle.

And again to form a smaller triangle.

Then we experimented by cutting all sorts of random shapes and patterns along the edges. I helped Bubble using a hand over hand technique to help her guide her scissors.

She had a great time with the mini hole punch too :-) Great fine motor fun!

One of our snowflakes still folded up.

Opened up.

We ended up with lots of different shapes and patterns.

They look great stuck to the window with the light shining through them.

To fix them to the glass we just used a piece of tape across the central hole in the snowflake so that the edges were still free.

Having a drink of juice after all our hard work :-)

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