Saturday, December 4, 2010

Letter To Santa Ornament

Our Count Down day 3 activity was to write a letter to Santa, which we did on Friday. I was really amused by what Bubble requested - I would never have guessed and I don't think Santa would have either so it's very lucky we were writing him a letter :-D Bubble drew pictures of the things she wanted and we put them inside a special clear ornament to hang on the tree. I'd like to do this every year so that each Christmas we can open them up and read them together. I love to think of my girls reading these lists when they are older or all grown up, and seeing how their requests changed as they grew.


* paper
* textas/markers
* clear container type baubles (from craft shop)
* Christmas stickers

Bubble's letter to Santa. She wants a yoyo, a teddybear and a rock :-D

Squeak is too little to ask for anything but she drew a beautiful crayon and pencil drawing to go inside our ornament as well x

Bubble chose a special sticker for the front so that Santa would know to look inside.

And we hung the Christmas wishes on our tree.


  1. Thanks Deborah :-) Every year since 'Bubble' was born we have made one with a little fold out card about that Christmas day, but this is the first year we could do something like this. I hope Santa can find the right rock hehe :-D

  2. This is such a sweet idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thankyou Kara, have a great Christmas x

  4. A rock - how cute! I love the clear ornament - great idea Caz!

  5. Thanks Sarah, I got ours from Lincraft if you are in Australia, I think most craft shops would have them at this time of year though. I know, a rock, I thought it was so adorable :-)

  6. This will be a wonderful tradition to start with my little ones. Thanks so much.