Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bubble Wrap Snow Paintings

After seeing how much Bubble loved making 'snow' prints on the bunting flags we made I thought we'd do a separate painting activity using the same idea. I used a black marker to draw simple scenes and then Bubble drew a person on each one. She loved 'making it snow' in her pictures and I loved hearing the little stories she made up to go along with them :-)
I think I'm going to put these through the laminator so we can use them as placemats on Christmas Day.


* coloured paper
* markers/textas
* bubble wrap
* white paint

I love Bubble's drawing of her Dad in this one :-)

Painting the bubble wrap with white paint.

Rubbing the paint onto our pictures to make it snow.

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  1. I like how these came out too! I like the textured look. It's kind of like little snowballs.

  2. Thanks Darcey, I think less paint would have created a better effect but Bubble is quite enthusiastic with her paintbrush! :-D Id love to see it done on black paper, might have to try it again closer to Christmas.

  3. Oh my! What a clever clever way to do a snowy snowflake picture!! I ADORE it!!

    Again, thank you for linking up!!!

    Red Ted Art

  4. Cool idea Caz! :) Added this as Magic Christmas for Toddlers day 8 activity idea! ;)

  5. Thankyou Maggie! It was a pleasure linking up, hopefully I can get more organised and do it more often :-)

    Michelle - awww thanks! Your activity came up in my and some of my friends newsfeeds on FB and I got some very excited messages :-D