Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Discovery 'Boxes'

This activity was mainly for Squeak, although Bubble really enjoyed it too. Most of our Christmas activities have been done during Squeak's naptime because she's a bit too little to join in, so I really wanted to do something festive that she could enjoy as well.
She loves playing with the containers in our plastics cupboard and her favourite game at the moment is putting things in and out of them and taking the lids on and off. I elaborated on this interest by putting various Christmas type objects that I thought she'd find interesting in separate containers with their lids on, then leaving them out for her to find.
She was interested the minute she spied the containers and spent a good half hour just upturning them, shaking them and examining the things inside through the plastic sides. I didn't open the containers for her until she asked me for help, and one by one she discovered all the little sparkly treasures.

In our containers were:

* shiny ball chain decorations in silver and blue
* small silver baubles - half matt half shiny, in a sorting container
* large red bell
* 6 small silver bells
* large shiny plastic snowflakes
* large silver tassles

The discovery boxes waiting to be discovered.

Please excuse the cute bedhair, she had just woken up :-)

Bubble spent ages shaking and examining each container.

I unscrewed each container as she asked, but left the lids on top so that she could open them up herself.

The bells were especially intriguing!

Bubble was quite captivated by the ball strands.


  1. Great idea to keep busy hands busy.. You opened their minds to open and close..and surprise~!
    Have a great day..I love the bed hair. Ben always has a bird nest on the back of his head.. He hates it when I comb it..
    Great idea and children are so fun to enjoy.. Wish all Mom's and Dad's had this much fun with their children. good job~1
    ta ta for now from Iowa..

  2. How cute, simple and are too clever!