Friday, December 24, 2010

Felt Christmas Necklace

Sorry I'm just a tad late posting this! We've been having a ball in the lead up to Christmas, enjoying some sunshine (finally) and spending some time at the beach in the evenings.
Our day 23 activity on the Christmas Count Down was making a necklace, which we did using felt. I cut a heap of different Christmassy shapes from red and white felt and gave Bubble a thick embroidery needle to use. Once the needle was threaded I tied a knot to secure the thread to the eye so that it wouldn't pull loose as she fed the felt shapes along the needle.
I honestly thought this activity would last a few minutes before Bubble became frustrated or bored, but she sat next to me chatting away and singing Christmas songs and threaded every single piece of felt. I love the end result, although I have been solemnly informed that it is for Daddy and not for me :-D


* felt (red and white)
* scissors
* large embroidery needle
* embroidery thread (red)

It looks much prettier in real life. I think this would be a nice way to make a hanging decoration or a garland as well.

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