Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Paper Chains

Day 5 of our Christmas Countdown involved making paper chains - I remember making these as a child for hours and hours seeing who could make the longest one! Bubble's attention span didn't quite stretch that far, but she really enjoyed this activity and the results are very prettily draped across our kitchen. :-)


* coloured paper
* scissors
* stamps
* sticky tape

In todays Count Down Calendar bag Bubble found this Christmas roller stamp. I cut the coloured paper into strips and she had a ball decorating each one with her new stamp.

The rolling action was a bit tricky to do just right but she had it figured out after her third strip, it was a great fine motor and co ordination exercise for her.

We cut small pieces of tape and lined them up along the edge of the table where Bubble could get them easily.

Then I helped her hold each loop while she taped them closed.

Our very festive roller stamp paper chain :-)


  1. I really like the idea of lining tape strips up for the children....way easier than stapling, like I've done for years!! You could also make it easier by buying the Scotch pop up tape, kids could just pull out and use tape strips that are already pre-cut!!!! Thanks for the WONDERFUL idea!

  2. Oh I love the idea of pop up tape, my girls would love that. I think that would be a fun activity just on it's own! :-D Hope you have a great time making chains x

  3. I just had a memory of my mum lining the tape up on the edge of the table like that! I love paper chains and had forgotten all about them - might have to sneak this into our advent calendar...

  4. Hehe, my Mum did it for us too Sarah! All these wonderful things we get to pass on without even realising it :-) I used to love making chains, I remember my brothers and I would make ones that literally went around the entire loungeroom. Hope you have fun! x