Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paper Bag Bunting

I can not even begin to say how good this bunting looks up on the wall - I think even the Grinch would find somewhere in his cave for it :-D I'm elated about how much the girls enjoyed making it too, this is going to become a yearly activity I hope.


* brown paper bags
* scissors
* ruler
* marker/texta
* coloured paper (we used red)
* things to decorate with;
we used white paint, bubble wrap, chalk,
textas, doilies and hands!
* twine or string
* blutac

Position your paper bags upside down, so that the opening is pointing toward you. Using a ruler draw a line from each corner to the bottom central line, creating a triangle.

Cut the triangles out, you should have one triangle made from two bits of paper joined at the top.

Cut slightly smaller triangles from your coloured/patterned paper. Use a ruler to get the right dimensions for the first one, then use that one as a template.

Your child can then decorate each coloured triangle however they like - let them go nuts and try a variety of different things. Bubble's favourite flag decorating activity was this one - making 'snow'. We just painted bubble wrap using white paint and rubbed it onto the paper.

Squeak doing a chalk drawing on one of the flags.

Bubble's chalk drawing on the left, Squeak's on the right.

Doily prints - I held a doily on top of the paper and Bubble painted over it. The paint went through the holes and made a beautiful pattern.

Bubble and Squeak's handprints using paint.

Texta drawings.

Once all of the paper triangles have been decorated glue them to the front of the cut paper bags.

Hanging the bunting couldn't be easier, Bubble loved putting up each flag all by herself. String the twine across your wall (I just used blutac at each end) then open the bag up and slip it over - done :-)

The best thing is you can move the flags around, it could even be a great advent calendar idea.

Bubble hung the flags one by one, carefully choosing where each one went.

It really looks spectacular and I love seeing all the little artworks, especially the girls handprints.


  1. Ooooh...I love this. So creative and Christmassy.

  2. I agree! That bunting is AWESOME! It looks so lovely! And love how the kids helped and you made lots of different flags!

    Thank you for linking up!! :-)

    Red Ted Art

  3. Thanks! :-)
    Thankyou for the chance to link up Maggy, I love finding great new Blogs full of ideas and yours is just wonderful. We are definitely having a go at your robot craft next week!

  4. Very clever, it looks super, and you know, I lurve bunting :)

  5. Wonderful idea and it looks awesome finished! :) What can I say than: add more! ;)

    Caz? Have you entered our giveaway? I'm sure you've got at least one little one who loves Dora the Explorer :)

  6. Christie - I did notice that lol :-D I loved the doily bunting on Childhood 101, such awesome colours!

    Thankyou for the lovely comment Michelle, off to check out your link now - hope Im not too late we have two big Dora fans in this house :-)