Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten Scents Of Christmas - Matching Cards

Today I printed out some picture cards to go with the Ten Scents of Christmas cards we played with yesterday. The girls don't know many of the ten things in their natural form so I thought it would be interesting for them to see pictures of what they were smelling. Bubble enjoyed matching them up by comparing the words written on each one.
I've loaded the photo cards we used below in case anyone else wants to use them (please note that these aren't my own photos, they are from Google Images, I just resized them and added words using Photoshop).


  1. Very clever. I do wonder how my girls would respond to this. Only way to know is give it a try :D

  2. that's so cool !
    i always make my son 'sniff' things (cooking mostly, but also plants, plastic - even bad smells..), i think it's part of their education to recognize smells and you know, form a library of scents :) i like this.

  3. Whilst we do sometimes give things a "sniff", I have to admit that scent is something that I probably think least about when it comes to thre 5 senses. I wonder why that is?

    Looks like a lot of fun :)

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing the cards, too. Will be fun to do with my boys.
    If your family likes to do sensory activities that involve smelling things, you should get on the Yankee Candle mailing list and get their catalog. When it comes to your home, it has several scratch and sniff pages in the catalog. When we get ours, the boys like to first just smell all of the scratch and sniff pages and then, they make a matching game where they cut the scratch and sniff circles in half and glue them to two separate pages and then, they have to match the smells. Fun and free for the most part! Plus, if you like candles, they send you some nice coupons for their products. Have been trying to find other companies that make things with scratch and sniff pages, but they are the only candle manufacturer that I have found so far that does a scratch and sniff catalog.
    Can also do this with the perfume or cologne samples that come inside magazines, as long as the smell doesn't overpower...

    Well, can't wait to make a set of cards for my sons to try. Once again, thanks for yet another great your blog:) Colleen

  5. This is such a great idea! It's much better than scratch and sniff ;) Visiting from over at We Play...

  6. Thanks Marita, goodluck I hope your girls enjoy it! Bubble wasn't super keen to start with but I left them out on the table and she has been playing with them ever since.

    Ta Suburp, Im the same I love to smell things (not always the best idea hehe) and associate so many scents with certain things. Bubble is already doing it too, telling me the vanilla smells like 'a cake'.

    I agree Amanda, smell is under appreciated! I guess seeing and hearing things is so much fun we forget to sniff sometimes :-D

    Thanks Colleen, awesome idea to use scented samples and satchets! We live in Australia so probably cant get that catalogue, I'll have to keep an eye out for what is around here. Hope your boys enjoy the cards x

    Thanks for coming over from We Play Tracey :-)

  7. What did you use to put the item in? Are those just tiny little ziploc bags? Great idea, by the way!

  8. Hi Alissa, thankyou! Yes they are just little snap close bags, our craft and dollar shops sell them in packs. The pack I bought had lots of bags of varying sizes, we use them for storing things like sequins, beads etc... Hope that helps! :-)