Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards for Teachers

Our Day 6 Count Down activity of making cards involved lots of fun stamping. The cards themselves only needed two stamps but the stampfest continued all afternoon and covered quite a few newspapers and exercise books!
Bubble goes to Pre School one day a week and really enjoys it thanks to her fantastic teachers. The Christmas cards we made today were all about saying thankyou as well as Merry Christmas, and tomorrow we will make a gift to go along with them. We went with the old teacher classic of apples, if you'd like more card inspiration check out these great links :

Oesch & Doots
My Delicious Ambiguity
The Organised Housewife
Be A Fun Mum

Will post more links as I come across them :-)


* cardboard (we recycled some muslie boxes)
* coloured paper
* scissors
* glue
* 1/2 an apple
* paint pad (dampened sponge in a shallow dish)
* paint
* felt
* photos

We cut the sides from a muslie box to create our cards rather than use bought card.

Bubble is very much into letters and writing at the moment, so I thought it would be nice for her to add her own words. Rather than write the whole word for her to copy I cut up each individual letter and put them out one at a time, so she could concentrate on each one separately.

She needed my help to steady her wrist with the 'nks' part, but she was so proud to write a whole word that wasn't her name! :-)

Doing some test stamps with our apple.

Two apple cards for Bubble's two teachers.

I cut a stem and leaf from felt and when the paint was dry we glued them on to complete our cute little apples.
I used Photoshop to resize and make copies of Bubble's writing for the front of the card (I just took a photo of her work and then edited the size so it would fit the card).

For the inside of the card I cut two pieces of coloured paper and glued them in (to cover the writing on the cardboard :-D), then added a few personal touches.
On the left is Bubble's handprint in white paint and a photo of her (for the purposes of the Blog it is blurred, so looks a little strange, sorry!) and on the right is a photo of one of Bubble's drawings of Santa and a message for her teachers.


  1. Love these Caz, such thoughtfully made cards - the apples, the hand prints, the writing - really really lovely! I think you should publish a book with all your ideas - so unique (and prolific!). And I'm very flattered to see my link on your post!

  2. Geez, thanks Sarah! Im surprised anyone reads my Blog let alone a book, that's so nice of you to say though :-) Bubble is one of those kids that needs to be kept busy, so there's lots of craft time around here. Squeak is less interested, but we're converting her slowly :-D
    I loved your Christmas cards, the paper colours are beautiful together and anything involving stickers gets thumbs up in this house!

  3. Very cute cards to make for teachers! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page at

  4. Thankyou Deb :-) I just love your site, I find the Montessori method of teaching very interesting and would love to learn more about it to use at home.

  5. That's one of the best christmas messages for teacher! I am so sure that she'll love it! Perfect for this coming holiday. Cheers!