Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plastacine tree

Bubble and I were at a bit of a loose end today when Squeak decided to sneak a nap in before library time, so we got busy with the nature jar and some plastacine. We ended up making this orange tree and then an apple and banana one as well. And of course no tree is complete without a bird :-)

* sticks with lots of little 'branches'
* plastacine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outdoor bath shapes

Bubble has some coloured plastic (vinyl?) bathshapes that are great fun for using outside of the bathroom too. You could make your own versions of these if you can't find any by cutting shapes from waterproof tablecloths or from sheets of PVC table coverings available at Lincraft or Spotlight. You could also use any foam type shapes as they will stick when wet like these do. This activity is also fun to do on a mirror, sliding door or the fridge/washing machine - handy when you are trying to get dinner cooked!

Grass heads

I remember making these when I was little and loved watching them grow. Bubble was given this one as a kit from her Grandparents and seems to be equally as captivated by the growing 'hair'. They are also very easy to make using pantyhose; cut one of the legs half way down and fill with either sawdust or potting mix until you have the size you want. Then lift the top of the pantyhose up so you can sprinkle grass/bird seeds along the surface of the sawdust/soil underneath the stocking. Tie it off and water it very well, then decorate with googly eyes/textas etc... if you want to. Water well a few times a day (dont let it dry out) and you should see grass growing within the week.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bubble wrap painting

I have seen this painting activity done on the net in various forms and had it saved in the memory banks, so today we had a go at bubble wrap painting for ourselves. Bubble enjoyed it immensely and the results were beautiful - we will definitely be doing this again!

* old bubble wrap sheets
* paint

First Bubble painted all over the bubble wrap sheets.

Then we placed the paper over the top and smoothed it out to transfer the print.

Lifted up the paper and viola - a bubble wrap print painting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Playdough playdate

This is a great way to entertain small people who are visiting or for a playdate.

* playdough
* dried beans/lentils
* cookie cutters and playdough utensils
* rolling pin
* glitter
* coloured salt

Dress ups and playdough = a good time :-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coloured salt

Colouring salt is not only easy and fun to do, but the end product is great for using in other craft activities.

* small bowl
* salt (we just buy the big savings bags for a few dollars and it lasts ages)
* food colouring
* spoon
*paper towel
*snaplock bags/sealable containers

Pour the desired amount of salt into your bowl.

Add a few drops of food colouring.

Stir and stir and stir :-)

Until all the salt is coloured evenly.

Spread across some paper towel to dry.

Once dry store the salt in a sealed bag or container.

Coloured foam fun

* shaving foam
* food colouring (powdered tempura paint would also work)
* Snap lock bag
* spoons
* waterproof tablecloth

Mixing shaving foam and food colouring.

Table covered with a waterproof tablecloth so the foam can go straight onto it.

Time for some messy fun :-)

Mixing foam and colouring in a snaplock bag.

Snip off one corner and squeeze like a piping bag - too fun!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Diggers and scoops

On rainy windy days when its a bit yuck to be outside we bring the outdoors in instead. The sandtable is always a great way to have some messy (but not too messy!) fun and Bubble also enjoys a simpler version of a shallow plastic tray of sand that she can carry around and have on the tabletops. It means a bit of vacuuming afterwards, but also hours of fun digging and building little sand castles.