Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Count Down Calendar #2

This is our second Count Down Calendar, the one with all the goodies in it :-D (link to the first one is here). Bubble has been helping me make it over the last three days at craft time, I thought she'd get bored with the repetition of the same thing 24 times but she really got into it. We also now have about 100 left over paper doilies that she's been delighting in painting and drawing all over!


* brown paper bags
* glue
* christmas themed serviettes
* scissors
* paper doilies
* white paper patty pans
* marker/texta
* paper clips
* twine
* white card (to write daily activities on)
* items to go in your bags
* holepunch
* sticky tape

I bought a pack of Christmas serviettes very cheaply to use as the backing paper, but wrapping paper would work just as well.

I cut the serviettes into four before gluing them to the front of the brown paper bags.

Then we glued paper doilies over the top of the serviettes.

We used a red Sharpie to write our numbers on, but stickers or stamps would look great.

I had some white patty pans there which I had originally planned to use instead of the doilies and Bubble was very excited about squashing them so we included a few of those too! :-)

Then I put a piece of tape in each top left hand corner, folding it over both sides.

And punched a hole through the centre of the tape using a mini hole punch.
The tape reinforces the hole in the paper bag so it's less likely to rip (I hope).

I tied knots along some twine and used 3M hooks to string it along the wall, then attached these hooks made from bent paper clips.

In each bag I put; a white card with a different Christmas activity on it and a small treat. Every third bag has something edible (white Darrel Lea jellybeans) and the other contain things like self inking stamps, foam aeroplanes, Christmas stickers, whistles, bouncy balls, craft supplies etc...
It doesn't have to be expensive to be fun, all up the things for our calendar cost $15.

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  1. What a great idea! I like how each bag has an activity and a treat too. No wonder Bubble loves it!

  2. WOW~! I love this idea.. I am going to have Ben (age 4 ) this afternoon. I have most of this and we can put together this project.. He has lots of Halloween candy left over and I can put that in the bags..Thanks for the idea..
    I love your blog and enjoy coming to see what you are doing everyday..
    Ta Ta For Now...from Iowa

  3. Thanks Darcey!
    Hi Tiggeriffic, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Im so glad you are enjoying the Blog! I hope Ben has a great time making these :-)

  4. Another great idea! I love the simplicity yet it looks so cute. I have never done an advent calendar with treats before. I like that you have a edible treat every 3rd one.
    I am now following your blog.

  5. Caz the bags look just as good as envelopes! I really like this idea :)

  6. Great idea and it looks very pretty.

  7. Your Little Ones will know their numbers in no time!! :)

  8. Hi kewkew, thankyou for the lovely comment and for following :-) I think the treats are going to be very poular, only problem will be not eating them myself!

    Thanks Philippa! I was really happy they turned out pretty well, Im still loving the envelopes idea though, especially considering all the great colours they come in. Too many amazing ideas on the net at the moment!

    Ta Mermaid and Georgia :-) Bubble loves her numbers, I think Im in for hearing the number '24' a lot over the next month! :-D