Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Count Down Calendar

We actually have two count down calendars this year, a simple one for our little daily treats and activities (I will do a separate Blog post about that one) and this one that I finally finished last night - just in time!


* medium size canvas
* white paint
* felt sheets
(we used green, brown, red, yellow and white)
* cicular object to trace
(I used the top of a drinking glass)
* air drying pen or similar
* strong craft glue
* scissors

I used the top of a drinking glass to cut 23 green felt circles and one white one. They were then glued in a Christmas tree formation with the white circle on top on a medium size painting canvas (I had to give ours a few coats of white paint because it was a repurposed canvas from another painting I'd done).
I used an air erasable pen to do the templates on the felt, they are great as all the lines fade afterwards leaving you with clean felt/fabric.

The trunk I drew freehand and glued underneath.

Using the red and white felt I then made 24 small ornaments to go on the tree including a yellow star for the top. The ornaments were cut freehand and glued together.

There is one ornament for every circle on the tree. Each day your child can add one more until they get to the white circle at the top where the yellow star goes - then they know it is Christmas Eve!

Bahaha! I have just hung the calendar on the wall to be informed by Mr Bubble&Squeak that I left off two circles! It was a late night last night :-D Here is our modified calendar with two white circles added underneath the tree for two presents:

Our modified tree with two presents underneath to bring the total up to 24! :-)

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  1. Oh this is awesome!

    Such a simple idea yet so pretty to look at and child friendly too! Love it!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the mention. I'll put this up on my post too. LOVE IT! I love felt.

  3. it looks fantastic! can you make me one so far felt and me don't get on LOL

    thanks for linking to our Advent Calendar :)

  4. Thanks everyone, Im really surprised and happy with the way it turned out, I wasn't sure it would look ok. I'm so enjoying seeing what everyone else has made as well, so many wonderful ideas around!

  5. This is GORGEOUS! I'm not much of a sewer, but glue and felt I can definitely do :-)

  6. Visiting from We Play. I love this idea!

  7. Caz, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! It is a fab idea and it looks great!! I'm bookmarking this one for next year!

    Thanks too for linking back to my advent!!


  8. I love it - It looks amazing. I have a spotlight trip planed for Friday so will now have to include this on our Christmas project list

  9. Thankyou everyone, Im really humbled to read these comments. It was very cheap and simple to make, and didn't take much time either (my kind of project :-D), would LOVE to have a squiz if anyone else has a go at it :-)

  10. Oh wow! You advent calendar Is so super cute.
    Thank you for linking up with us!

  11. I saw it last night and as soon as I arrived today from work I started cutting. My daughter is really happy and we're about to hang the first bauble on the felt tree

  12. You did such an awesome job. I have never heard of the pen you used before. I will have to look for one.

  13. I don`t think I can wait for Christmas 2011.. will make one for Easter :)

  14. Time For Play - no worries, loved your advent calendar idea!

    Eli - Oh I'd love to see how it turned out! Hope your littlies have fun with it :-)

    JDaniel4's Mom - I hadnt heard of them until recently either, they make these kinds of projects so much easier. They are usually called 'Air Erasable Pens', I got mine through a friends order on an online craft website, but most sewing shops should have them Im thinking? Hope you have some luck!

    Mermaid - an Easter calendar is a great idea, imagine the colours you could use too. A heap of little egg shapes in a basket would look super cute I reckon!

  15. And Im more than flattered Christie, thankyou so much for linking up with my post :-) I absolutely loved seeing the one made by one of your fans, made my day!

  16. Just saw this off another blog! Super cute! I bet you could even use velcro on the back to eliminate a small kiddo like mine using glue :) Then it would reusable!

  17. The Christophers - the calendar is reuseable, we've been using it each year and will have it out again this Christmas too! We only used glue to attach the felt circles to the canvas, the ornaments just stick to the circles because they are both felt. Velcro would work even better though, great idea :)