Friday, November 19, 2010

Wiggles Activity Bags

It's no secret we love The Wiggles magazine in our household (and no, we're not being bribed in any way to say that :-D). The activities are great and Bubble looks forward to picking it up every month. We sit down together and do the craft projects and she loves to 'read' the pictures and do the mazes herself. After it has been read cover to cover and all interesting things have been coloured in and drawn on by both girls we often use the pictures to make collages or other crafty type things.
This week though I went through it after the girls were done and cut out all of the little gluing activities and made some 'project bags'. All the little bits are contained inside the paper bag and they can then be glued to the front when the activity is being done. I've packed some into our pram 'play' bag for when we are out and about, put some in our rainy day activities box and we also did a few of them today - lots of fun :-)


* children's magazine
* paper bags
* scissors
* sticky tape
* glue

Other ideas: These puzzles and activities would work well laminated so they could be used over and over again.

I put the pieces for each activity inside the paper bags, then taped the activity headings to the front as labels. There are puzzles, matching games, interesting pictures for making collages, eye spy games, number and counting activities - anything I could cut up basically :-)

Bubble completing a puzzle bag today.

Some of the other bags Bubble did today - the top one is an eyespy game that I also cut into pieces to make a puzzle from, and the other is a silhouettes matching game.


  1. very neat idea, thanks for sharing

  2. We are BIG Wiggles fans in our house too! Sadly we don't get Wiggles merchandise here in SA. I love this idea though and I'm going to go look for some of our other mags that are around!!