Wednesday, November 10, 2010

F is for Fairies

These little fairy paper dolls were easy to make and perfect for our letter wall theme 'F'. I used a great template page I came across on the net (link found here), and think the alien is also pretty awesome and would love to give it a go sometime soon! Bubble chose to decorate them with texta, glue, glitter (oh so much glitter!) and felt pieces she cut with scissors.


* template
* scissors
* markers
* glue
* decorations for your fairies

I cut some paper dolls using the fairy template on some lilac purple scrapbook pages. I realised after Id cut the first one out that I should have drawn the template on the reverse instead of the front though! Luckily Bubble didnt seem to mind :-D
For anyone who has never made joined paper dolls, Im so sorry I forgot to take photos of the process, but this link is a great written tutorial:
eHow Making Paper Dolls

Bubble had a lot of fun using copious amounts of glitter on her fairies (getting the excess glitter out the rug was a tiny bit less fun)

She also used her scissors to cut bits of felt from strips we had.

One fairy has more felt decorations than the others because she is 'the Mum Fairy' aparently :-D

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