Saturday, November 27, 2010

Indoor Sheet Painting

A little while ago we did some sheet painting on the balcony which the girls really enjoyed, and today we did a remake of an indoors version. It's very simple, easy to set up and then clean up, and a lot of fun.


* floor rug
* waterproof tablecloth or similar (dropsheet, tarp etc)
* waterbased paints
* old bedsheet (the lighter coloured the better)
* mixing cups
* paintbrushes
* water

Cover a floor mat with the waterproof tablecloth/drop sheet.

Then cover again with your old sheet. Tuck in the edges so you are left with a big canvas for the kids to paint on.

Water down some washable paint or alternatively use water and food colouring.

Let the kids go wild with their paintbrushes.
When they are done painting the sheet can just be put through the wash and reused again and again.

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