Monday, November 1, 2010

Time Capsule

I love making memories with my girls but I also worry about forgetting them. Today we made a little time capsule to go into Bubble's 'special box of stuff' (code for big box full of all the baby things, drawings and bits and pieces I can't bring myself to part with!). I didn't make one for Squeak because I want it to be something she can be involved in, so next year when she is a bit older we will make one then. I hope we can make this a biyearly thing and something special to open up on important birthdays in the future.


* empty tin with lid (we used an empty Nesquik can)
* sticky tape
* paper
* paint
* scissors
* markers/textas
* items of sentimental/memorable value to go inside.

Our time capsule included:

* a handprint on paper to cover the outside of our time capsule
* a recent photo of Bubble with her favourite toy
* the answers she gave during an 'interview' about her favourite things
* a drawing Bubble made of her family
* a small cutting of her hair
* a tracing sheet where Bubble had written her name
* a clay impression of her thumbprint
* one of the bottletop necklaces she made recently
* a spare wooden triangle from her favourite tangram puzzle
* wind up baby toy to symbolise her little sister
* a babushka doll charm that Bubble chose to put in herself :-)


  1. Oh aren't you the sweetest Mum! Such a lovely, special thing to do with your big girl. I find that handprints, in particular are such powerful symbols of time passing and little ones growing. She'll be so excited to open it one day - I wonder if she'll remember those things...

  2. that is so beautiful and something she will treasure for years once 2023 comes along

  3. Thankyou Sarah! :-) Totally agree about hand/footprints, I already love looking back at the ones from when the girls were newborn, they will even more special when they are all grown up I think!

    Thanks Kelly and Kebeni, I hope it will be something a bit special for them when they are older. Now just to make sure I don't put this stuff somewhere too 'safe'! :-)

  4. Brilliant! Just a wonderful idea. I might have to do something like this with my girls too!

  5. What a great idea. I'm sure your girls will be thrilled to open it in 2023!

  6. I so love this idea. I was just watching the movie Amélie today and I always love the moment when she gives the man the little treasure box that she found of his hidden in her apartment. What a treasure. Thank you for a fabulous idea!