Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bottle Lid Necklace (threading)

This activity was a big hit this afternoon, easy to make and set up and great for fine motor and co ordination development.


* milk bottle lids
* glue
* coloured pictures (we used old sticker books)
* scissors
* pen
* craft or paring knife
* pipecleaners
* thread/wool/string
* childsafe needle
* drinking straws

We used the covers of old sticker books for our pictures, but anything colourful like scrapbook or wrapping paper will work. The thicker the paper the better though. Use the lids to trace circles onto the pictures so that when they are cut out they fit inside perfectly.

Using your knife make a small hole in the side of each lid. Apply glue to the back of your pictures and secure inside the lids, making sure that the spot where you made the hole is at the top (this is where the pendant will be hung from). Some of our lids had bits inside preventing the pictures from being glued flat, but we found they pushed inside and stuck without being glued because of the ridges on the inner part of the lid.

I was very amused to see that out of all the pictures our maths loving Bubble chose the abacus as her favourite one :-D

Cut your pipecleaner into short lengths, then push an end through the hole in the side of your lid and twist closed (making sure to tuck in any sharp bits).

Cut your drinking straws into short lengths for threading.

You might like to tie the thread to your child's needle so that it doesnt come loose.

Bubble making her straw necklace.

If you cant find a child safe needle they are easy to make using pipe cleaners. Make a loop at one end of a cut pipecleaner and tie on your thread, then squash it to fit through your straws.

Our straw and milk bottle lid necklaces - beautiful!

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  1. I love the pipe cleaner needle! great idea and cute necklaces :)

  2. Very sweet! I'm sure all little girls with a good sense of fashion would love to make and wear these :)I know my Princess would!