Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playdough Painting

We make a new batch of playdough every month when the last lot is getting a bit worse for wear, and before we throw it away we use it for messy play. Today we did some playdough paint stamping and it turned out quite well!

Other ideas:
* use a tray of water and turn your playdough into 'sludge'
* mix things with different texures through it, like gravel, sand, dried beans etc... for sensory play
* make a playdough garden by flattening the dough and sticking sticks, leaves, rocks and anything else that looks good into it as though it is a garden bed.
* take your playdough into the sandpit. Make people, boats, houses - anything you can think up!


* playdough
* paper for printing onto
* paint pad (we just use an old dish with a damp sponge inside, and squeeze paint on top)
* newspaper or scrap paper (to put the paint covered dough onto when you are finished stamping)

Cut shapes from the playdough making them as thick as you can (to make them easy to hold).

Our shapes ready for the paint pad.

Have scrap paper or newspaper close by for the used playdough stampers.

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