Friday, September 24, 2010

'B' is for Banana

Another 'B' wall project - banana threading board.


* cardboard (I cut a side flap from an old box we had)
* yellow paper or card
* glue
* scissors
* small knife (paring or similar) or a ballpoint pen
* wooden skewer
* children's sewing needle (from craft stores)
* embroidery thread or thin wool

Draw a banana shape as large as you would like on your piece of yellow paper/card. Keep in mind you want it large enough for your child to be able to sew around the edge, but small enough to hold/manouvre.
To make the holes I first made small punctures with the tip of a paring knife (a pen would also work) and then pushed a wooden skewer all the way through.

Thread your child's needle and make a knot so that it can't be pulled out accidentally. Tie the thread to one of the holes in your threading board and off they go :-)

Our banana up on our 'B' wall.

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