Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gender Matching Game


* Whiteboard friendly surface (we used our glass wardrobe doors, but a mirror or window would work as well)
* Whiteboard marker
* Pictures of girls and boys (we cut ours from old sticker books, but you could use magazines)
* Blutac

Mix the pictures together in a bowl so they can be picked out at random. On your surface draw two columns and label them 'girl' on one side and 'boy' on the other. Make sure you point to and say the words before starting so your child knows which side is which. You could even draw a little symbol if you wanted to, to help them remember. One by one select pictures from the bowl and ask " is this a girl or a boy?".
After we had stuck all of our pictures up I asked Bubble questions, like "where is the girl who is eating?", "where is the boy who is reading?" etc... so that she could expand her learning/speech.

Pointing to different pictures of people doing things.

Having a draw with the whiteboard marker :-)

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