Friday, November 5, 2010

Cup & Ball Game (Part 2)

This activity is an adaptation of the cup and ball game we made recently.


* empty milk bottle (base removed)
* white paint
* textas/markers
* scissors/craft knife
* thin elastic
* paper clip
* aluminium foil

Pierce a hole in the centre of the bottle lid and thread through the elastic, from the top of the lid through to the underside.
Tie a knot at the end on the top of the lid. At the other end tie a paperclip.
Feed the elastic and paperclip through the neck of the bottle and replace cap.

Ball your foil around the paperclip so it is in the centre and anchors the ball to the elastic securely. Be sure to do this after you have threaded the elastic and paperclip through the bottle and replaced the lid as the ball wont fit through the bottle opening afterwards.

The final product is lots of fun and a lot easier to use than the other version. Your child holds the base (the end where the lid is) and can bounce the ball in and out of the cup.
Adjust how hard or easy the game is by pulling the elastic through the lid making it shorter or longer (the shorter you make it the easier it is to make sure the ball stays in the cup).

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