Thursday, November 11, 2010

F is for Friends

This afternoon we made another sound wall activity for the letter 'F'. While Bubble was at preschool I cut some felt shapes so that we could make some toilet roll people when she got home. I based the hair colours/styles on a couple of her little friends at school and she thought it was the best thing ever making miniature versions of her mates! :-D
The superhero toilet roll dude was just for fun, I got a bit carried away with my felt cutting...


* felt (fabric, coloured paper, ribbons etc...)
* toilet rolls
* textas/markers
* 'googly' eyes
* glue/blutack
* scissors

I precut some felt hair and clothes.

Bubble got busy gluing it all together. She found positioning the felt tricky at first but got better and better as we went along. We ended up using blutack to attach the eyes instead of glue as it didnt stick all that well (and Bubble enjoyed moving their eyes around :-D).

Bubble's mini friends :-)

A mini superhero - isnt he cute!


  1. These are absolutely DARLING DARLING!!! I just found your blog this evening an I am having so much fun browsing your ideas. What wonderful creativity!! What colorful and fun days your kiddos have with you!