Friday, August 20, 2010

Sheet Painting

This is a fun and simple activity for even the youngest painters, and super easy to clean up! We spread a waterproof tablecloth along the ground and then along the balcony railing hung up a white bedsheet (this could easily be done along a fence, wall or clothesline). I put out pots of water coloured with food colouring and paintbrushes and the girls got busy.
It's safe if taste testing happens or if any gets on delicate skin and faces, and the bedsheet simply washes clean in the washing machine after the fun is over.


* white bedsheet
* water and food colouring
* paintbrushes
* waterproof drop sheet
* tape and pegs for securing the sheet

* we also used plastic bottles filled with water to hold down the sheet, since it was a very windy day here when we did this activity!

Other ideas: spray bottles filled with coloured water are also great to use on the bedsheet for older kids, and a great way for increasing hand strength and dexterity.

Please note: some temporary staining of skin or clothes may occur so dress in painting clothes.

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