Friday, November 5, 2010

Tent Tea Party and Storytime

Last night I set up one of the girls play tents in the lounge and filled it with big cushions and books. This morning Bubble and I had a little tea party while Squeak had naptime, it was wonderful to lie back, sip our 'tea' and read stories in our cosy little spot. We had to cuddle right up to both fit comfortably, which was even nicer :-)
One of the challenges of living in a small space is making sure the kids feel like they have their 'own space'. We try to create different mini environments for the girls where they can explore and play, some are as simple as pulling the lounge away from the wall to create a hidey hole, and others are as permanent as the wooden cubby we have made fit (read as squished :-D) onto our balcony.
We try to change things around frequently and have a lot of transient options, such as tents and tunnels, that can be packed away in a cupboard and brought out again when their novelty is renewed.