Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toddler Gluing Activity

Squeak isn't too interested in either painting or drawing, but loves experimenting with glue. We use a childsafe glue in case of those taste testing moments (Clag or homemade with flour and water) and she loves squishing and smearing the glue as much as she loves sticking things to it. She is 18 months old and it does get very messy, especially when the paper tears and gets saturated in one place.
To fix this problem I've started giving her a newspaper to glue her bits and pieces onto, there are so many layers that it doesn't matter how soggy it gets and she finds the pictures and patterns interesting as well. I also try and find lots of things of different textures for her to glue, her favourites so far being;

felt offcuts
textured or corrugated papers/cardboard
flattened patty pans
cellophane (very messy though!)
lolly/chocolate wrappers

Please note : Clag + Newspaper can = stained hands and other things! I always put down a waterproof tablecloth and keep a washer close by :-)

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