Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mixing Colours

Today we did a simple activity using paints in primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to create new colours.


* sheet of cardboard (we just used some scrap card)
* coloured sticker dots (could also just use texta)
* marker
* bottoms cut from plastic milk bottles
* strong glue
* yellow, blue and red paint
* paintbrush

Last night I cut the bases from some clean plastic milk bottles and glued them to a sheet of card using strong craft glue. I left it overnight to dry and used coloured dot stickers and a marker to make the 'colour equations' (you could use anything to represent the primary colours if you dont have stickers; colour some dots with texta or even use coloured objects laid on the card).

The milk bottle bases are perfect for combining the two different paint colours without making too much mess.

Bubble adding her paints.

And mixing. Red and blue make... purple!

Mixing blue and yellow to make green.

And red and yellow to make orange.

Our new paint colours!

Bubble putting all those colours to good use :-)

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